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Pulsed Energy Technology

Pulsed Energy Technology Customer for many years must not need our products anymore because they only eventually paid half of a large invoice, after they were put into collections. The collections cost us nearly $400, and their balance due is still appx $1100 North Hollywood CA!!. The customer used to purchase large volumes of wire, and this order seemed normal as usual. The cable was shipped though it took FOREVER to get only half the invoice, only after we placed with a collection agency. So after waiting six months for half the check, it cost us about $400 to pay the portion to a collection agent. We still await the rest,appx. $1100 and would still consider this an active collection effort after two years waiting… The owner had decided not to return anything, though this was allowed so they must have used up all our cable. The offer still remains though they do not take calls or return messages. You may contact me with any further questions, I will be happy to discuss this matter. Matt 201-796-2886 BRIM Electronics in Lodi NJ

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