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PTL Solutions Inc

PTL Solutions Inc John Spears Jr Hurt on the job, unpaid wages,no workers comp, under reporting payroll,scamming clients ,unlicensed Jacksonville Beach Florida!!. Stay away from this company at all cost. John Spears Jr. doesn’t carry workers comp insurance. Once an employee gets hurt, the cost is on your insurance. All employees are paid under the table, and have very little experience. John Spears will sell you on chemical, and never treat your lawn. I know all this because I was his Foreman. I helped John Spears start this new PTL Solutions Inc back in March of 2016. John Spears also claims to do tree removal. He does not carry the insurance required to preform a safe and successful job. I can provide names and numbers to people he has scammed with PTL Solutions Inc, as well as pictures of jobs he has completed without the proper coverage. Dont risk having an undocumented employee performing work on your property. If said employee gets injured or worse,killed, you will become financially responsible for any and all injuries associated with the duties preformed on your property. John works his guys from dark to dark, with little pay and no overtime. These men are physically and mentally drained throughout the weeks . Don’t become victim of his negligence. You just might lose all that you have worked for and earned in life, as well as the injured party. Contact OSHA and the Department of Labor/Workers Comp Division to request the complaints filed against PTL Solutions Inc and request a status update on the current investigations.

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