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Psychic Help.Pro Psychic David Promised energy work for high few of 612.00 Nationwide!!. Psychic David is a Fraud and con Artist. For a high fee of $612.00 he made promises to do energy work to heal the heart chakra then adds additional healing work for other fees that quickly add up!. He sends a templated draft of what you want to hear promising he will do everything in in his higher bean to bring you back to your center. When a person is down and vounerable he will take advantage and get you to pay the fee refereed to as a donation. Silly me! He does not respond to emails when you have urgency it takes him days sometimes even weeks to give you a response which are usually generic and never detailed as to the free first reading you received.He talks about self stimulated Karma on his behalf so he promises he is the real thing because he does not want to face negative Karma on his behalf! Do not pay the donation for you will be highly disappointed and possibly broke I am $2,500.00 in the whole and I can assure you I am a real person and former client of his with lost hopes and received nothing but false hope and empty promises.

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