Psychic Emily

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Psychic Emily

Psychic Emily Scam San Antonio Texas!!. “Psychic Emily” is a master manipulator! At the end of almost every reading, she’ll try to trick you into paying for a healing or negative energy cleanse. She lies saying the money is 100% for materials which is a load of crap! This lady is making bank from vulnerable clients. In my case, it was $500, but her website has prices up to $800. Do not be fooled! She will make bogus excuses as to why you haven’t received any update from her. You will never know what’s going on; she just disappears and then when you confront her, she gets really nasty! It’s so sick and twisted because the client is the victim, not her! She plays the nastiest mind games and likes to flip everything on her client to make them feel bad when the problem was her all along!! Don’t fall for her tricks and schemes. Your future won’t change after you pay her. She can’t speed up anything. She can’t change any outcome. She can’t heal your girlfriend or boyfriend. She can’t make your lover come back. She CANNOT help you. All she can do is steal your money and not give a crap if you’re hurt or not! Don’t waste your time or cash! Don’t become a victim. Run, run, run as fast as you can! Her Instagram is @psychic.emily and her websites are as well as BEWARE!!!

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