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Psychic Cynthia

Psychic Cynthia Intuitive Cynthia, Psychic Energy Scammed me out of $3500 for “protection” Hopkins Minnesota!!. Went in for a $10 reading. Was told the “reading” consisted of her answering a yes or no question. A full card reading is $65. Opted for that. She read a couple cards and said she was very concerned about a negative energy surrounding me, I needed protection. $500 but would discount it to $450. I paid her. She gave me a candle and said to light it tonight and take a pic of it with my phone and send to her. I did this for the next 3 nights. She then called to tell me to come back in, it’s very important, can’t discuss over phone. Told me the spirits have been talking to her and there is great negativity surrounding me, someone wants to cause me harm. Said if I talk to anyone about it it will get worse and the spirits will continue to interfere in my life. Said she will continue to work on it. Eventually told me there is a curse on me going back to the time of my conception. She will have to “close the windows” into the other world. She needs special candles to do this, one for every year I’ve been alive (35 years) and each candle is $150. She will discount it to $100 per candle because she cares about me. Told me if I don’t do this and I get pregnant, the pregnancy will go badly and the baby will have the curse ten times worse than I do. I paid her. I never saw the candles. I was unhappy in my marriage and wanted to leave. She kept telling me wait, the time isn’t right yet, she needs to finish closing the windows first. She could not tell me how long it would take though I asked often. She said if I leave before she is done things will only get worse. I was foolish for going to her and for giving her money, but I was desperate. I feel she is a scam artist, who uses her conversations with clients to learn what they fear and uses that information to demand more money to “protect” them. I feel she wants to perpetuate a person’s fear and unhappiness just so she can try to squeeze more money out of them.

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