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PSI Services LLC

PSI Services LLC Charged me $225.00 to take a renewal Ca. Journey Elect. card then hand me a scam test with irrelevant tech questions. Test questions are taken from 7 large books with access to only 4 during test. Have to pass in 1 year or lose $200.00 Las Vegas Nevada!!. I am a Master Electrician who passed the Ca. State electrical exam in 2007. The above happened in 2017. First test was exclusively from the National Electrical Code, 2002 edition ONLY. More than half of this PSI exam had questions NO electrical inspector or journeyman would ever encounter or need to know for field electrical installations. It,s another way for the b*tards in government to get your money. A reasonable renewal policy should NOT CAUSE HARM! I am in a union, and in order to work, eat, sleep inside, breathe, I need that card. I pay 50% taxes in this miserable state, gas prices choking us. I cannot survive without that card. If anyone can help, ( freely I’m sorry to admit ), PLEASE help. Impossible for me to fight these a*holes. Also I desperately want out of California BUT not without that card. I don’t have money or time to learn electrical theory and engineering plus all the material in 7 extra texts, it’s non- sensical, obtuse and therefore a SCAM for money. I cannot believe others from Ca. are staying silent. WTF?

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