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PSI Examinations

PSI Examinations PSI Testing Center PSI overall protocol raises some serious red flags Las Vegas Nevada!!. I’ve actually filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, my state representative, and I’ve been seeking legal counsel. Tomorrow I will be filing a report with my state’s secretary of state over PSI exams. Many of my complaints echo those here and elsewhere. Their overall handling of phone transactions should jump out at you right away. Payment before I schedule my exam? That’s sketchy. Having to keep paying for online practice exams? Okay? That’s unsettling. Customer service putting people on hold for an hour before hanging up on you? That’s infuriating. An hour I could’ve spent doing something much more productive. It took me a month to track down their administrator for confirmation on my general real estate sales retake (tenth by the way, but we’re gonna get to that in just a bit). I require several testing ADA acccomdations. PSI has denied me much of them and the ones that they do allow (reader, quiet area) are subpar at best. Readers who can’t read for beans (several occasions I’ve had to correct the reader on basic words and terminology). The proctors listened to loud music while I take the exam. During my last examination with PSI (and I mean “last” with PSI) I overheard one of the proctors listening to “bachata” on her phone on the other side of the glass. When I brought this up to the reader, the reader denied that there was music being played and called me a “liar.” What else? Loud talking during the test by the proctors in the other room. Eating during my exam despite the fact that there was (at least to my knowledge) a no outside food/drink policy. And the exam? Oh boy. You could spend eight hours studying PSI’s material (in addition to the practice exams where I would score a median avg. of 95.2%) and it would be moot. Their exam content alone should be investigated by the Department of Justice. In this climate of corporate greed, it probably won’t happen, but one can dream. I noticed on at least thirty-six of the ninety exam questions, that there were at least three correct multiple choice questions on some and none on others. Who does that? PSI. Pearson Vue. It’s a sad day in our society where we can privatize education. But here we are.

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