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Project Cat, Inc

Project Cat, Inc Project Cat Killer! Accord New York!!. They need to name their organization Project Cat Killer! That describes what this organization is all about! You see they make it a point to make you think that they’re all about helping the animal and what’s best for them.. You think a shelter goes and rescues and keeps Kitty safe and warm until an adopter is found. This is not the case with project cat! Here are two of my run-ins with project cat… About five years ago my landlord had a stray Kitty outside with a abscess on his face. So I took it upon myself to help. I asked around and was told that project cat was a good organization and supported TNR programs. I contacted them and the woman on the phone rest assured me that they would come and help the cat. I gave them the address and she called me a couple days later. Telling me that they couldn’t find this particular cat but saw that there were others in the neighborhood. She also claimed that the neighbors weren’t willing to help. Which I thought was strange because the whole block were great people! They all have been taking care of these cats for quite some time. She said that she would continue to search for this injured animal. A few days later got another phone call from her. Telling me still no sign of the injured cat but saw a mother cat going inside the garage next door. The house was abandoned. So I had said great! I hope you’re able to get them. If they aren’t adoptable I had said at least they will be trapped and released. That’s when she disclosed that if these cats are not adoptable the Humane thing we do is euthanize!! This is when I freaked out! No wonder why the neighbors were not cooperating!! I told her she is no longer welcome on those properties! At this point I’m devastated and thinking that I was sentencing these poor animals to death! I felt like I was fooled! The whole time having these conversations she assured me that she was going to take care of them. Yeah take care of them all right kill them!! My second run-in with project cat was about 2 years ago. A so-called friend of mine that I no longer consider a friend, had to 17 year old Maine Coon cats. They were brother and sister and she had them their entire life. She was moving to Florida and could not take them. She told me that if she could not find at person to adopt she was going to have them euthanized. That’s when I decided that I’m no longer going to be associating with this person! However, I was desperate to find these cats a home. I was only given a week and a half but posted all over social media and called everyone I knew! To no avail. So my ex friend called me that following Thursday before she left and said she called the shelter. I was relieved yes a shelter! Until she spoke the words project cat!! Immediately I got a sick feeling in my stomach! I begged her to give me time to get these cats adopted! She claimed she had made up her mind and project cat offered her a two-for-one deal that following Tuesday. Oh how wonderful a two-for-one deal?? What a sick proposal!! She told me to take all of my posts down on social media that she made up her mind. She also claimed the woman on the phone told her that she was doing the right thing!? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!? I then offered to her that I would take the cats . Still she told me she made up her mind . Some friend that is! That was the last time I spoke with her obviously! After this interaction I was speaking to another friend of mine. I told her the whole story and we actually both cried! My main reason was I had just lost my cat of 15 years and this was devastating to me! So the two of us came up with a plan to try a last attempt to save them. That Monday my friend called project cat and was willing to donate money to them in order to save these cats. Nobody answered but she left a very detailed desperate message. She received no phone call back that Monday. We tried again first thing Tuesday Morning the day of the euthanization. Again nobody answered the phone she left a second message. Well unfortunately no calls were returned and these cats were sentenced to death!! At this point I have such hate for project cat especially learning that a growing number of others have been affected as well! You see she just doesn’t take the feral cats in her traps. She also euthanizes any cat in her trap!! Yes that includes your neighborhood fluffy! This is been proven time and time again and I’m not the only one! There is a growing group of people that have been lied to and deceived by this project cat! The sick part is this woman actually gets paid for killing these animal!? Since project cat started their little project, she has killed over 1,700 cats!! That’s right 1700 cats and Counting! She claims that TNR does not work and it’s inhumane. This is false because I have actually seen it work myself. About 15 years ago a friend of mine at his job had many feral cats. Upwards of 40 to 50 as a matter of fact. Of course the numbers kept growing because they kept reproducing. A nonprofit organization ended up going to his job and successfully TNR the whole group. It took less than eight years for that number to dwindle next to nothing. Now with only a few Strays here and there that he manages. This is no longer a problem at his place of employment. So you can’t tell me this doesn’t work! This sick and inhumane person needs to be put out of business! This is the most sick and disgusting nonprofit agency I’ve ever heard of in my life! DOWN WITH PROJECT CAT!

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