Progressive Roofing owner Johnny Johnson

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Progressive Roofing owner Johnny Johnson

Progressive Roofing owner Johnny Johnson johnny johnson non payment of hrs got me put in jail an ticketed an got me evicted out of my apartment Corpus Christi Texas!!. ever since i started working for mr johnson he has shorted me hours at first i didnt mind cause i had asked him to help me save up for an apartment. finally the day come to where i could get an apartment an i still was owed money but i let it slide thinking i was gonna need the rest of what i was owed on deposits for my electric an utilities an food. then i found out i didnt need the money for deposits so i asked him for the money for food an he laughed like it was a johnson stayed with me an guaranteed that he would pay half my rent and bills for staying with me . he never payed anything or put anything in to help . one night he went by an apartment complex that he had a crimminal tresspassing at he got out an got into a scuff an yelled at me to get the truck out of there an so i did an got pulled over an pullled out of the truck by the laws an they thought i was mr johnson when they found out who i was they also found out i didnt have a driver license an took me to jail so i got a ticket for 750.00 and636.00 for bond an all this do to mr johnson going where he wasnt welcome an me trying to save the work truck when my rent came due mr johnson left didnt pay half the rent or bills an left owing me 79 hrs an i was making 12 an hr if anyway possible i would like to recieve all the money im owed which for my hrs im owed $948.00 an $500. for rent an bills tickets$1,386.00 for a total of $2,834.00 for everything together which is what im out not to mention all that goes on my credit for being evicted

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