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Progressive Auto Insurance

Progressive Auto Insurance Changed policy without permission raised premiums constantly Fresno California!!. This company is horrible. When I first signed up for insurance with this company, I thought it was a good choice. I then later found out not so much!! I had at the time 2 daughters who had moved out of my home, had their own cars and were not on my insurance policy. However, they were before and with a different company. This policy had me and one of my other daughters who did live at home and was 16, just driving. They sent me a letter that basically just added my other two daughters without calling me, writing, emailing…..nothing. So I get this big change in policy and crazy high increase. I called immediately and told them those girls didn’t live at home any more. They actually told me that I had to prove they didn’t. What? And how am I supposed to do that. I litterally had to have two forms of something with their new addresses on them. It was a nightmare because both of them lived in places where their names weren’t on any of the bills for the home. They were able to use the lease as one form of their addresses but since they didn’t have anything else, it was so hard. Both of them hadn’t changed their addresses with work so their paystubs wouldn’t work. The other option was college transcirpts. This eventually worked out but I was livid. They they finally took them off the policy but that was just the beggining. They changed my policy all the time! Different ad ons, more money. I had to call and get it fixed all the time. I finally just said, screw it. I’d rather pay the cancellation(early termination fee) than keep them as our insurance co. So I did and what do you know? I got a huge a*s bill with all these charges on it. I have called them so many times and nothing was working. I kept getting emails and bills in the mail. Nobody gave a crap there, and now it’s on my credit report. I’m so mad. I disputed it a while ago and haven’t heard anything as of yet. This place is horrible. If you do use them, pay careful attention to your policy and bills. They don’t notify you at all if they change something. You have to go looking for it. ‘They are horrible evil people. Avoid!

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