Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) james taylor, emanuala de tillio lisa matthews, alex reid, Investment scam that costs thousands when nothing materialised!!. this guy is an out an out croook and nees to be stopped. he has taken it upon himsefl to try and flog an ICO branded aroudn a now dead company (proifit Ltd) in the hop ethat people will be suckered in because bitcoins are all the thing at the moment. even trying to make a wallet, haha guess how safe your funds will be in there – not a chance, he doesnt even live in th euk so will simply do a runner with your money just like he did with me. james taylor has lots of different name and phone numbers and others working for him, but dont invest without seeing photo ID mathcing bank details, LTD company in the UK and only pay on paypal – the scam with this guy goes on and onbut trust that no good will come dealing with him as he a dishnoest criminal lowlife who leeches money from his poor vistims and then gives nothing back. picture attached so you can be sure who you are dealing with.

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