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Professional Business Consulting Group

Professional Business Consulting Group ,ACF Global Raj Dhameja, Raj Kumar, Ravi Dhameja, Ajay Dhameja , LCI RTC Raj is a con man who will promise the world but then take the money and run Boulder Colorado!!. I work at a marketing and branding firm and had the unfortunate experience of working with Raj on several projects. He was introduced to us through a co-worker and delivered on one or two projects. After that we decided that he was trustworthy and we could start sending him more business. We would send him a project that he would quote and then ask for a deposit on. Once we had several jobs going he completely ignored us and would hold the orders hostage demanding more money or else we wouldn’t get our goods. Under the gun we would send him more money thinking it would be easier than starting from scratch. After that Raj completely ghosted us, took the money and ran. We sued him but he never showed up in court. I ended up doing more research and found out he was arrested for fraud in Massachusetts. I was also able to locate several others who were scammed by Raj, some for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Raj was using the money he stole to fund his extravagant lifestyle and his daughters terrible singing career. I also spoke to an old employee of Raj’s who was also scammed. This guy is the definition of a scum bag. I was wondering when he would pop up again as he is constantly shutting down and starting new companies as he continues to scam others. It is laughable that he is now a business consultant as he is the worst businessman I’ve ever worked with. He also has no office in Boulder, CO. It’s all a scam!

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