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Marvin and Sherry @ productscube Guarantee of Delivery are only “words” West Nyack New York!!. On 3 Sept 2019 Marvin guaranteed that my laptop would be delivered no later than 12 Sept. I was leaving town on the 13th and needed it for trip. Then on 5 Sept I talked to Sherry and ordered a mouse for the laptop. She guaranteed it would be shipped the same day. I made these purchases thru PayPal in order to receive the 10% discount on the laptop. I did not receive the items. There is no order record online for the mouse and the laptop shows “shipped”. Cannot call company, as they have no phone listed, and do no answer my emails. Try to go to Online Live Chat and get the “agent is busy try back in 5-10 minutes”. Did that and they closed shop on me without ever responding. I want to cancel the order but can’t contact anyone. If I ever get the product am afraid to return it for fear there will be no refund forthcoming and they will have the product back. I am going to try and have PayPal help me reslove this, but don’t think they can because the money has already transferred to whomever. Please don’t order from these guys. If the price is too good to be true, then that just about describes it. I totally agee with everything that “Rollout” said. It is exactly what happened with me. I am glad I emailed the transcripts to myself for proof. Peggy Orcutt, CA

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