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ProCalcs LLC

ProCalcs LLC Tom Platania Procalcs LLC is using fake Google Reviews Port St. Lucie Florida!!. Donu2019t be fooled by ProCalcs LLC and Tom Plataniau2019s use of fake Google reviews. There are currently 13 five-star reviews, of which at least 5 are from known employees, contractors and relatives of ProCalcs. Letu2019s dig deeper, shall we? The first review in question is written by Ariana. u201cWhile helping us with our home needs our designer was sure to explain why things were the way they were, and even taught us how to save money on our energy bill!u201d From the perspective of a potential client, they would have no idea that was Tomu2019s daughter, also an employee of ProCalcs LLC. However, it appears to be a review from an actual customer of his; even with his very own response. The second review in question is written by Christopher, a full time HVAC designer for ProCalcs LLC. From the review it would look as if he was a customer, stating u201ctheir product…is unmatchedu2026.I will never take my business elsewhere.u201d Someone who didnu2019t know any better might assume that was written by a satisfied customer, only to be shocked to discover he is indeed not. The third review in question is written by Zachary. This review states u201cgreat, quality product.u201d And, a response from the owner u201cwe look forward to a long continuous working relationship.u201d One could argue that they were simply referring to their relationship of Zachary being a full time HVAC Designer. The fourth and fifth review in question, written by Jimmy and Nathaniel, have 5 stars without any comments. Tom did however respond to their 5 stars thanking them for their business. Typically a full time HVAC designer, and the guy in charge of training people, aren’t thanked on Google for their business, unless they were trying to pose as satisfied customers perhaps? A prospective client might think that this company is great based on these reviews; only to later find out that the person who wrote the review is designing their HVAC system, and the person you signed the contract with is the owner who responded to their reviews, etc. Not having prior knowledge of this before entering into a contract with them could lead to some serious headaches in the future. This is not a new trend in the modern age of the internet, but it is kind of a shady practice that can show the character and ethical standards of the people you are doing business with.

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