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Pro Tow of Hillsboro

Pro Tow of Hillsboro Protow is charging for tools used when they were not needed! Hillsboro Oregon!!. My friends car got towed for sitting in a no parking area. The guy who towed it took a picture & sent it to someone & then the picture was sent to the owner. This happened yesterday. The company told him he couldn’t pick it up until today(@ $80 per day storage fee). He had mentioned they told him it was going to be over $480 to get it out today. I know a lil bit about the tow world and it sounded very high to me so I called them myself. The very rude receptionist didn’t want to itemize the total to me but I got her to. Something that didn’t sound right to me was she said they were charging $25 per picture taken, they used a wench & a dolly. I asked her why they would be used. I told her i had pictures sent from the driver & there was nothing it needed to be wench out of & no reason all 4 tires needed to be lifted. She basically called me a liar and said it was still going to b the price unless I sent the picture. So I did & in the email I said I wanted her to send me an itemized receipt so I could look over everything . Also, the pictures their driver took & that I am paying 4 & a written reason why the dolly & wench were used and also i wanted our communication to be documented. So she called instead and just said “I got the email, the price is still $480” So I told him to call and request the stuff again, a guy answered & refused to answer why those tools were used, said we were lying about the driver sending a picture & told my friend that he was never getting his car back and to go f*ck himself.

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