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Pro shipping experts

Pro shipping experts Shipped my car Garland Texas!!. Absolutely the worst car shipping service ever I wish my girl and I never used them! They donu2019t haul their own cars they Broker them out. I was not told this up front but I was okay with it! When the actual transportation company delivered my car they were flawless the issue is this company has not paid the actual carrier that did the d**n work! They stole the money they were supposed to pay the company! On top of that it was $1600 they only gave the actual driver $800 so half of the shipment! And they had no wear and tare or anything all they did was take my money and run! Now I have the driver trying to get the money from me! I honestly donu2019t blame him I have put a stop payment on my credit card and once that process is finished I plan on paying the driver the whole $1600. I understand that these brokers have the right to make money! But not half of the total bill to do about 10 mins of work a few hundred sounds totally fair! Iu2019m sure my car would have shipped much quicker if it was posted on the board for a much higher denomination! Stay away stay far far far away!!! They may ship your car for you but will not pay your driver wonu2019t be long before they are either out of business or the drivers they do get donu2019t care about your vehicle at all! The driver that delivered my car was from Your Ship Matters he was very professional and had great equipment! I got his card and will use him for all future shipping needs that is for sure!

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