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Pro Sales Service

Pro Sales Service Pro Truck Sales, Allison Smith, Elizabeth Williams, Natalie Cross Same scaammers using a different names TX, NY!!. These are the same scammers from Pro Truck Sales that scammed 7 people last month. They have changed the name from Pro truck Sales to Pro Sales Service. The web site is the same exact website used before with the name changed. They tried to sell the same item again to me and a friend again using the same scam. I am putting this out so maybe it will stop someone else from getting scammed. They use many different names but are always using the same female photo. I have included several with my report. The scam being used on Craig’s List to get you interested and then they take all business off Craig’s List to private email. This stops Craig’s List from banning them. Same with law enforcement, no one wants to make a report because it is all done on the internet. They are using working phone numbers, email and websites until you start to question them. once they get your money they will not answer phones or email. If you have been scammed by any of these people or business’s we need to compare notes so we can stop them. I have already found 3 other scams of iteams they are trying to sell and reported them to law enforcement and the banks withthe account numbers they are using.

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