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Way costlier than other clinics but no quality

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16 September 2019

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It was a big mistake to take my dog to this place. The measure of cash this clinic tricks out of their clients is sickening. I had two experiences with this clinic for two different dogs. The first dog was an emergency and required an emergency abdominal surgery to expel a blockage. Dr Henry was rude and did not properly inform me about the surgery’s procedure. The bill turned out to be $1800. Distraught about the expense, yet important. The second dog had a split toenail that required attention. We did not cut his nail and caused damage and thought taking him to the hospital would be better. This dog is one of the quietest dogs I have ever experienced. The vet took him and said “it will be some time so if you have tasks to do you can come to get him later” I thought, perfect! I got a call sometime later saying “He is walking up (they sedated him to trim a toenail!), we can give him a sedation inversion medication to accelerate the procedure if you like or he can wake up naturally.” I disapproved of the medication and gave him a chance to wake up naturally. Dropped by to pick him up, and investigated the bill…. $400!!! TO TRIM A TOENAIL!!! Also, the sedation inversion medication was recorded on the bill which we did not even ask for.
Antibiotics were prescribed as my dog had some swelling and irritation. We brought him back because there had not been any progress and the vet suggested for some more tests. (Could be cancer, needed to do different $85 x-rays to be sure). We checked the bill and it was ludicrous. $85 x-rays, $100s in sedation and so on, it also included the surgery expense of our other dog. When we returned home and got a statement from an alternate vet (out of town). $ 300 for the EXACT SAME PROCEDURE. The strategy was not performed by Brooks’ wood for 5x the cost. While the second dog was in for the toenail trim, we mentioned some sort of anti-anxiety medicine for dog no 1. It was added to the toenail bill yet never filled. The sum was acknowledged back for the guidance “When you are prepared for it, just call and get it filled” I went and requested the prescription. I was informed that I should have a Wellness Exam on the dog before the medicine can be filled. Another 100 $?? There is no chance in the world I would bring my pet back to this clinic for mediocre care at 5X the price. This clinic will trick you out of each penny you have for the silliest diagnostics. Try not to squander your cash, Spare yourself hundreds and go somewhere else. Additionally, the staff is very unprofessional and rude. These monsters will NEVER have my business or the matter of anybody I know. Goodbye! Please shut down this rotten place.

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