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Primo Classics International, LLC

Primo Classics International, LLC Car that was sold on Ebay was not as advertised. Lakeland Florida!!. I bought a 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T that was advertised as showroom ready. pristine condition. When I had it transported to my home in Michigan I saw oil leaks, rust and pitting on chrome, rust on frame area,etc. They would not help me fix any issues. I reported them to the The Attorney General, and Better Business Bureau. My Attorney even sent them a letter and they still refused to contact me…they had my money, why should they?? Ebay would not help me either, because there salesman, Dan, tricked me into paying for it and never put it through ebay like he said he would. The pictures they had were old and didn’t represent the car as it stood. They are a bunch of liars, and would sell their mothers if they could. Never do business with theses liars.

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