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Prime Global Sources

Prime Global Sources Creating Wealth Institute Did not provide services that I paid for Orem Utah!!. I purchased Prime Global Source’s Executive Package ($30,000) training service program in good faith and paid in full for what was in the contract. Following the sale, I was contacted once by phone to see when I was available to start the coaching session, which was one of many services that was part of the package I paid for. The training was sub par to what I had already paid for. The trainer was not part of the business and was a consultant. He new of none of the things I paid for which is no fault of his own. I tried to get the address for their Fulfillment program that I purchased, but could not get a hold of anyone to provide me with the address. Emails were rarely answered if ever. I started to inquire about the rest of the services that was still owed to me, but it was very difficult, as I said, to get a hold of anyone. A email was eventually given to me with a code to their arbitrage software, which I had no idea how to use because the never provided the training as they promised. They provided a password to an eknowledge library which did not relate to what I paid for. Which was Amazon related training. After a month, I started trying very hard to contact them to find out where the rest of my services was and still was not able to get the services. I paid for 6 months of training and services and over a month was gone without any of the services being provided or utilized. I then asked for a refund and was told no, can be given a $5000 refund and continue the service. What service? I understood that the contracted said I had 3 days to get a refund after signing up, but if they never provided everything that I paid for, that 3 day limit should not be valid. They do not cooperate and not communicate with their customers and I would like a refund. After asking for a refund, they went silent and never contacted me for the services I paid for. So where is the rest of the services I paid for as my 6 months is already up. This is terrible customer service.

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