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Prestman Auto

Prestman Auto Sold us a truck with safety issues and then ruined it completely with unauthorized repairs Salt Lake City Utah!!. This complaint is on behalf of Matt Skeen, written by his wife who can’t stand watching him suffer any more and being helpless to do anything about it. Four years ago, our finances finally reached a point where we could get Matt a decent vehicle instead of the broken down beaters he has put up with year after year, spending weekends fixing whatever broke on them during the week. He had never complained and willingly sacrificed so his two sons and his wife could have better things and it was so exciting to give something nice to him for once. He researched and did his due diligence and finally settled on a truck from a company called Prestman Auto in Salt Lake City, Utah. We got it home and it worked for about a month before he started to notice things. Big things. Things like the cab filling with water when it rained, a bent axle, the rear defrost not working, the seatbelts seizing. Then smaller things began to show up, like the paint cracking on all sides because the bondo underneath was improperly applied. He contacted Prestman and they gave him a story about how it must have been the fault of the third party they bought the truck from and after a lot of negotiating, Matt drove the truck 800 miles back to where he had bought it from so they could have a week to fix the problems. Long story a tiny bit shorter, FIVE months later when they brought the truck back, it had been broken into and the window replaced with cheaper, poorly tinted glass, the door handle still didn’t work, only some of the body work was done, and most importantly, without permission Prestman Auto had decided to change out the turbo on the engine and didn’t check the oil, leading to severe engine damage. The auto dealership has been more and more difficult to get ahold of and now ignores every single attempt to reach them. The engine on the truck is completely seized and has to be replaced, so we have a useless, giant black paperweight sitting in our driveway that we are still making payments on for the next two years. Matt is a subcontractor and so he drives all over Sacramento and surrounding counties, even to San Francisco, and needs a dependable vehicle. We have even contacted the third party dealer who have cut all ties with Prestman since the dealership never returns calls. They told us they detailed all the problems the truck had before they sold it to Prestman, who knowingly covered them up and sold it to us. What was meant to be a reward for all his years of sacrifice has turned into an enormous heartache for Matt and the rest of us. Prestman and their head man Shaun Olsen have written us off completely and we can’t afford a lawyer, leaving us with only the option of buying a used engine for $4,000.

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