Prestige Boerboels and Kennels

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Prestige Boerboels and Kennels

Prestige Boerboels and Kennels Brandon Webb and Walter Webb *Alert* Scammers they take your deposit and never give you a puppy Maryland and Pennsylvania!!. SCAM ALERT…I contacted Brandon Webb on Facebook on June 7th 2019 when I seen he had done several breedings of his South African Boerboels. I told him I wanted a black male pup out of Prestige Kong and Allens VA Elsa that were due in late July. On June 10th my husband did a wire transfer of $500.00 from our bank to Brandon Webb’s bank for a deposit on the puppy. Well the first thing that I was told was they were wrong by 13 days on the due date. Then they sent me pictures and said they were born on Aug. 21st. Then he told me that the mother had rolled on and killed the pup that was mine. Next he sent me a picture of a pup on Sept. 7th and told me that it was to be mine. Well at this point I felt that something wasn’t right so I did a Google image search on the picture and it was a picture from 2017 of a Cane Corso puppy. Then he told me Walter Webb had taken the pups to the vet on Sept. 24th and it had a irregular heart beat and he couldn’t sell it or ship it like that. Well on April 9th 2019 I sent Brandon Webb a message on Facebook Messenger and requested my money be returned because he no longer owns the dog I wanted a pup out of. He said he had pulled out of the buisness and gave me Walter Webbs number. It has been a back and forth with him making one excuse after another as to why he can’t pay me on the day he says he will it’s been months and he is now not answering or returning my calls and texts. These men sell SOUTH AFRICAN BOERBOELS under the name of Brandon Webb and Prestige boerboels and kennels on facebook. They also have a web page at They are on Hoobly as [northfleetkennels] Im sure they are selling in more places than this please be aware.

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