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They ruined my grand dad’s car

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17 September 2019

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My grandpa left a 1955 Cadillac and being a fan of vintage cars, it is the most important thing to me. Heritage is really important to me and the car being my grandpa’s has a very sentimental kind of space in my heart. I had to move to Texas and I needed a reliable shipment source to move my car. I could not drive it myself as I was scared to run into an accident and had my own car too. I decided to drive my car and let Prestige Auto Transport LLC drive my grandpa’s car to Texas. I really wish I could rate them zero stars here and like sue them or anything to make them realize the problems they have put me through. I had a flight delayed because these bastards and I have been facing losses since the day I hired them. I was supposed to be in Texas by 28th August and my flight was for 27th. Thank god I did not have to join the office on 28th or else I would have been in danger. All my stuff was shipped right on time and I had to delay my flight for a day as the driver to pick up my car could not make it on time. Well, he was a day late and even after continuous calls to the place, there was no proper response. If you have made a mistake the least you can do is accept it if you do not want to apologize but people at Prestige Auto Transport LLC have a different mindset. They show a hateful kind of an attitude rather than accepting mistakes or being apologetic. My grandpa’s car was late and so was I. They asked me to pick my car up from them and I did so. I was asked to be there by 12 noon and I was there right on time. The temperature was already unbearable and they did not have any lobby or shelter to sit and wait. They did not arrive on time even here. I had to wait for an hour in the sun to pick my car. The car has a lot of scratches and it smells smoke. I cannot ask them to stop smoking but they can at least step out of the car to smoke or the least is they can throw away the cigarettes butts. They have not done any of this. I trusted them with my beloved car and it is now in an extremely poor condition because of these people. They charge high for vintage cars and for the sake of my heritage I agreed to pay that but the results have made me realize that these bastards are not even worth it. I could only call or email them regarding my complaints but they are not at responding. You can say that this review is the last thing I am doing to let it all out.

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