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Prestige Auto Sales Inc

Prestige Auto Sales Inc Dishonest and dishonorable scam artists Philadelphia Pennsylvania!!. First, they tried to overprice the car and they thought I was stupid because I’m a woman. I did my research and luckily I got the price DOWN before anything was official with the bank. At first everyone is nice until all paperwork is signed and completed, then they can give a s**t less about what happens to you. A few days later I got the car inspected by MY mechanic and I took a video of the loose ball joint my mechanic said was very dangerous to have driven 2 hours back home like that. Then a week later, my CAR DIED. The nearest place to me at that time was autozone and the cheapest battery I could purchase for my car was almost $200!! I had no choice but to buy it. I tried to reach the sales person I dealt with but he went completely MIA after a few text messages of him saying “send me a receipt and I’ll take care of it”. Sent him multiple text messages and picture of my receipt, nothing. Then my check engine light went on, had a mechanic hook it up to their computer and boom, I need a new belt. I tried over and over to reach them but NO response so I decided to send a formal email to management. Suddenly I got a NASTY text from the sales person harassing me, upset because his boss saw the email. (Saw it but never responded to it) I had to block him before the situation escalated. A few weeks later and a Manager called me. Very nice. Asked me to send a picture of my receipt and that she would talk to the Owner and get it reimbursed. After all, they sold me a car without doing an inspection. With a bad belt, bad battery and loose ball joint and WE DO HAVE A WARRANTY THROUGH THE DEALERSHIP IN WHICH THESE TYPES OF THINGS SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE COVERED. Unfortunately, that slither of hope didn’t last long. I sent receipts and multiple messages, gone unanswered. I bought this car with all of these problems in June 2017, it’s now October 2017. No call backs, nothing has been reimbursed. I waited 4 months to write this review, hoping that they would take care of their customers. Should have taken the reimbursement from your rude sales person’s commission check. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as writing a review on all websites and professional networks. Thank you for the most horrible experience I’ve ever had. To those reading this, do your research. Don’t let their smiles fool you. Know what kind of car you’re getting into, make sure you bring a mechanic YOU trust and just know that they don’t care what happens after you leave with the car. You are a business transaction, nothing more, there’s no such thing as customer service here.

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