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Pressler and Pressler

Pressler and Pressler Seemingly Questionable Business Practices Parsippany New Jersey!!. Pressler & Pressler is the worst law firm I have ever dealt with and I’m an attorney who has dealt with plenty of law firms, It is almost impossible to speak to an attorney. They have their “paralegals” do almost everything. They don’t answer emails and make you wait an excessive time on the phone. Their payment system declined my payment even though I received a confirmation page and my credit card company told me that the payment went through, so it seems clear Pressler made a mistake on their end. This morning, I had to speak to four people to make my payment because their “paralegals” are not helpful (except the last one I spoke to who seemed fine). As an attorney who would never run a firm like this, I can honestly say that I would be homeless before I would work for or own a firm like this. It’s embarrassing to me that I share a profession with the attorneys who founded, manage, and work at Pressler. And, a quick Google search shows that the firm has been fined over consumer lawsuits. These attorneys are the attorneys who give all of us a bad name. What a shame.

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