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02 September 2019

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I was never a ‘decent’ child. Since my childhood, I was a troublemaker. I was never into the usual stuff that kids did. As I grew up, I did not have a single friend of my age group. All of them were older than me. None of them was what you would call ‘classy’. I kept getting into local fights, hung out with nastiest adults all the time. All this instilled in me a sense of rock culture. I was not regular in college either. To be honest, I was a spoiled and immature brat.
Although my parents loved me, they did not like the idea of me being so irresponsible. They never stopped me from following my passion. All they wanted was for me to have a stable life. Their passing away so suddenly made me realize the wrong things I did throughout my teenage years and in order to repent, I decided to change my whole life. I did all the things they wanted me to do. I wanted to forget all about my old life and honestly, I did. The only thing left was a tattoo on my wrist. I decided to get it removed completely. I came across ‘Prescription Aesthetic and Wellness Spa’ and decided to go for their tattoo removal program.
After scheduling an appointment, I went to the Spa. The environment did not seem that friendly as the staff members were not that kind. Ignoring the foul odour (Yes, you read that right) and the unpleasant employees, I went into the cabin after being called in. The dermatologist did not seem to be in her best mood when I went in. After seeing the tattoo, she told me it would hurt like hell and the duration of the process would be 10 days.
The sessions started. On the very first day, she strapped my hand to a table and started the process and it did hurt. The q-switched lasers hurt like hell. Without even taking a break, she did it continuously and when I requested her to give me a moment to recuperate from the excruciating pain, she scolded me and taunted me saying that I should have made better decisions in life. All I could do was sit back and endure the fucking pain. I had to control my tears every day for ten days continuously. After the end of the tenth session, there did not seem to be much difference. The dermatologist told mea that it would take weeks to fade away.
Even after three months, the tattoo was still there and I had to undergo the same procedure at a different place in order to get rid of the tattoo completely.
I would recommend Prescription Aesthetic And Wellness Spa to no individual as the staff members along with the employees do not have any sense of discipline, work-ethic or even a shred of humanity to say the least.

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