Premium White

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Premium White | Scam business practices

Ordered a “Free Trial” and authorized a credit card charge of $2.95 for shipping — I then looked into DazzleWhite (must be the smae guys) and then I read the Terms and Conditions — yikes! — I went on line and cancelled my order — like 20 min after placing the order — they gave me a cancellation number but said they will still ship and still charge me $87.62 for the 1st months supply and that to get my money back I would have to get a return shipping number from them — then send it back and then they would return my money — I then phoned them and got the same runaround — these people who work for them must feel ashamed working for a scam company & I even phoned Mastercard to stop the payment and learned that you cannot stop a payment once it has been authorized — tough luck eh! These guys at Premium White should be investigated for onerous busniess practices — does not say much for Iowa if they have done nothing to shut them down or get them to be honest in their practices!

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