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I was simply denied a solution even after paying her for a failed procedure.

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04 September 2019

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I as an individual love summer for one simple reason – Beach. Since my childhood, I have always been a ‘beach baby’. When I was a child, I used to run around all day, making sandcastles, playing with the waves. As I grew up, the main thing I went to the beach was to get a tan.
I have always been hairy, especially around the thigh area. Waxing every two to three weeks was too frustrating as well as painful and therefore, I decided to get the hair removed surgically. I did not want to compromise on the quality of the clinic as well as the doctor and thus, I started searching for prolific skin clinics nearby. It took me some time but I finally decided to go to Premier Skin Clinic for treatment. I chose the place after reading some reviews and especially because of the way they advertised themselves on their website. I was too naïve then to understand that visuals can be deceptive.
I scheduled an appointment and went there a tad bit early. I noticed that the ambience and environment of the place were not at par with the way it should be. I noticed some water puddles on the floor which seemed as if they had been there for quite some time. There was a weird noise coming from the thermostat. I decided to ignore these things and wait. It did not benefit me much as I had to wait for almost one hour before being called in.
When I explained my problem, the doctor told me that she would be using laser treatment surgery. I was told to come in after a month after I was given a set of instructions to follow. When I went in for the first session of the procedure of the month, she did not even check the condition of the skin of my thighs. On the list, it was not mentioned to not do plucking and waxing. When I told the doctor about this, she got angry at me for not being ‘smart enough’. She told me that nothing much will happen and started with the procedure. The machine that she was using for the process seemed old. I don’t know why but it hurt when she pointed the laser at my thighs. The pain was quite a bit higher than expected. The doctor refused to stop even when I told her to. This type of torture went on for 5 sessions. After the fifth session, I was told that the procedure is complete.
It took less than a week for the hairs to grow back, and this time they grew at a faster rate. When I contacted the doctor regarding this, she told me that my skin type was different and it was all my fault that I shaved and plucked during the month before the sessions began.

I would recommend you to go ahead with your plan of going to Premier Skin Clinic if you want to waste your precious money and time and in addition to all the pain, want to undergo a fruitless procedure.

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