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Premier Motorsports Nick Jones Nick Premier Sells salvage cars; Does not advertise them as salvage; asked if title was rebuilt told yes, but it is salvage, needs $1000 to $2000 in repairs to pass inspection Myrtle Beach SC!!. Don’t want to accuse anyone of anything, but here are the facts about this car deal that just went down: 1. I asked this guy did the car have a rebuilt title because an air bag light was on in the car. He said yes. 2. It did not mention it in the advertisement at all. 3. I told him I had never purchased a car with a rebuilt title. 4. Took it to the tag office. 5. Was told that in NC it is illegal to sell someone a car with a salvage title. It was salvage! Not rebuilt. BUYER BEWARE. In some states these cars aren’t legal to drive at all. Even test drive! 6. Car will cost $1000 to $2000 to repair to pass inspection in NC. 7. Guy told me no salvage inspection in SC, but it says there is in DMV website. Asked to trade car for an equal value car. Was declined even though he has a car lot of over 50 salvage cars. I get it. They got me. My fault. PLEASE BUYER BEWARE!Also, They told me that SC does not require inspection for salvage cars, but you can see here: (E) If a salvage vehicle is rebuilt, a regular certificate of title may not again be issued except upon submission of an application stating that the vehicle has been rebuilt and containing the information ordinarily required by the department for the issuance of a certificate of title as well as any information the department may require about the identity of the vehicle. The source and cost of any parts used in, and the extent of any repairs or other work done to the vehicle. In addition, the department may require the vehicle to undergo an inspection by the Highway Patrol or someone authorized by the department to check the identity or the safety of the vehicle, or both. Any regular certificate of title issued by the department for a previously salvaged vehicle must be annotated to show that the vehicle was “salvaged-rebuilt” and the reason why the vehicle was salvaged. I don’t know all of the Laws in SC, but it looks like an inspection is required to get a title there as well. Although I could be wrong.Edit or delete thisCode of Laws – Title 56 – Chapter 19 – Protection Of Titles To And Interests In Motor VehiclesSCSTATEHOUSE.GOVCode of Laws – Title 56 – Chapter 19 – Protection Of Titles To And Interests Inu2026Code of Laws – Title 56 – Chapter 19 – Protection Of Titles To And Interests In Motor VehiclesAgain, not being judgmental or accusing anyone, but please everyone else be careful that you do not get stuck with a $6000 car that will not pass inspection, please. Maybe this guy means well, but I will never get why he wouldn’t even let me trade it for an equal value car. I guess some people don’t care. Also, contacted multiple owners of carlot to be told no trade whatsoever and there was no salvage inspection in SC. To give credit to the carlot, they did offer to unplug the airbag light! For the safety inspection! CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS CHEATED THIS BADLY!

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