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Scammers stole my money but didn’t do the procedure

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16 September 2019

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Thought this place was going to be great when I decided to go there and saw their reviews but all of my happiness turned into disappointments by the way they treated me. This place scammed me and took a hefty sum but didn’t do any procedures. Premier Dental of Sunbury had great reviews online and people were mostly satisfied with their services but later got to know that they have hired a marketing agency who take care of their ratings and reviews. Otherwise it isn’t possible for a place so terrible to have such high ratings online. They claim to deliver one of the best services in town but neither of their services is great whether it’s their customer service or any other thing. Every other thing sucks at this place and if you want to waste your money and time you are welcome to visit these bastards. The front desk lady is a bit aggressive and showed rude behavior to me. They don’t know how to treat their customers and the only concern which they have is to make money. Their staff is not friendly and supportive, I called them to book an appointment with them and had to fill out initial form two times because apparently, they had lost the one which I sent them earlier. My only reason to visit this place was to get my denture. On the day of my appointment, they called me and asked me to come over as they have ordered my denture but they haven’t. When I reached there and got to know that they don’t have my denture yet, I asked them to offer me a discount on the missed work but they did not even apologize to me, because of the nature of my work I am not usually busy around these days and Premier Dental of Sunbury gave me a new date and time to visit them. During my visit,
Now here comes the worst part I was left untreated by Premier Dental of Sunbury and still they sent me a huge bill which includes the denture procedure which was not even done yet, and they said to pay all of the dues before the next visit or else I won’t be getting any denture. Well, what about the money I paid them before, huh? I called there office to let them know about it and told them that I am not going to pay any extra money until and unless I am going to receive my denture, after this the guy on the other side replied rudely to me and said that they know their work better than me and they exactly know what are they doing. I got furious when I heard this and told him to cancel all of my next appointments which were scheduled with the. I don’t wish to visit these bastards again in my life because they don’t know how to give value and respect to

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