Premier Dead Sea

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Premier Dead Sea | Over-priced

I was walking through the Parkland Mall and was enticed into trying the Salt-scrub for my hands, I did like the salt-scrub, but thought that $50 per jar was too expensive. However, the sales girl “EVA” talked me into it. She then convinced me to buy the Premier Eye Serum. Now, I did like both products and bought both, I spent $100 on (2) jars of the salt-scrub and I spent $90 for the Premier Eye Serum. Total $199.50 (including tax). Now, six months later, I decided to buy another bottle of Eye serum, I went online and found a web-site called “Magic Spa . Net” where my original $90 bottle of Premier Eye Serum sells for $58.95 CAD a $33 dollar difference. I ordered the bottle and paid using Pay Pal, for security. Note; Canadian and US dollars are currently on par, so prices in US and Canada should be the same. The secret ingredients in the salt-scrub is nothing more than regular sea salt and baby oil. Read the ingredients on the bottle. I discovered that I can make my own salt-scrub using the following; I buy (2 cups) of Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt from my local Health Food Store and I add 1/4 cup of Baby Oil, mix it up and store in an air tight container. It works exactly the same as the Premier Salt-scrub, at a fraction of the cost.

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