Powerhouse Securities Inc. /Shoppers Sweepstakes

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Powerhouse Securities Inc. /Shoppers Sweepstakes | Winning Final Notification

Hello, We received a letter in the mail from Powerhouse Securities Inc. I called, out of curiosity, and stated I received a check along with a notice of final notification to claim my winnings. They asked for my telephone number, I told them I would only give them my claim number. They put me on hold and no one ever came back on the line. Hmmm??? The Powerhouse Securities Inc., International Claim Department, sent a check in the amount of $4980.00 US dollars, allegedly, deducted from our winnings for the sole purpose of of paying government taxes on our big winnings of $250, 000.00. You cannot cash or use this check until you contact them for further clarification?? Now, if the tax amount is $4980.00 US dollars, then why do they want you to cash the check and send them $2995.00 US dollars to be paid by either moneygram or western union. They give you a name of a person, Lewis McGregor, along with a telephone number to call, then the letter is signed by the promotions manager, Mary Peters, but the actual signature doesn’t even match her name! Please do not be naive to these letters, emails, or telephone calls. You might be able to pass off the check and get the cash, but eventually the banks catch up to you and YOU have to pay everything back. I have heard about this and seen enough of this on the news, etc… DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THESE SCAMS.

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