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PowerAir Fryer

PowerAir Fryer powerairfryer.com PowerAir Fryer not all it is made out to be Internet!!. On January 5, 2019 I seen an advertisement for the Powerair Fryer. They were offering a Free trial for 30days to see if you liked the product and wanted to keep it, if not you could return for a refund. Everything on their site was good reviews. I was filling out the info to get it and changed my mind so I exited out. Well it went ahead and took my information and sent it and signed me up for the power fryer. I called the next day trying to cancel it and they would not let me. Said it had already been shipped and I would receive it in a couple days. A week later I still had not received. So I called and they gave me the shipping info. I looked and apparently the item had been lost by UPS. So I called UPS and told them. They did a claim and said they would take it up with the powerair fryer people. I waited another week and called Powerfryer again.. Told them ups told me a claim was done and I needed to talk to them. The Fryer people told me that it was lost and they would issue a new order. I said I was not interested BUT they said well we can not cancel the order even though it was lost and I did not want another. Told me it would be reshipped. I told them I was under the 30 day trial if I didnt like it I could send it back and I would not be charged. They said until you receive it that will not be a problem. So I called this week because they told me I wouold have it by Wednesday. Again no machine. I told them I did not receive the machine and I had been waiting since 1/4. They told me well we will ship it again and you will get it Can you guess yes Wenesday. I told them I did not want to deal with them anymore that i just wanted to cancel the order and for them to refund me since they already held money out of my account. Was told again I could not cancel. That it was shipped and gave me a tracking number again.. I inputted the tracking number and it said a label was created 2 days ago but had not been marked shipped. I have emailed called and messaged and can not get anywhere with this company. I just want my money back and for them to cancel the order.

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