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Power Rid Outlet

Power Ride Outlet They sold me two scooters with an expired dealers license and then never sent me the titles for them after i received the scooters. Upland California!!. I purchased two 2018 TaoTao 50cc 4-stroke scooters from Power Ride Outlet online from there website on September 11, 2016. On September 26, 2019 i received the two scooters without incident. However, after a week of not getting the titles for them, so my wife and i could register them, i called Power Ride Outlet, emailed them, and even tried there “live” chat line but couldn’t get a hold of anyone for about two months. Finally, i got someone to respond on there live chat line and was told that they had to make the titles and certificate’s of origin’s, and that would take a week. Well, as you can tell, here it is March, 25 2019 and still no title’s. After several, and i STRESS SEVERAL, attempts to get a hold of this company, i decided to do some snooping. And what i found out really disturbed me. for one, they sold me these scooters with an expired dealers license( expired August 10, 2016). Two, they no longer occupy the location they show on their website. And Three, THEY WENT OUT OF BUSINESS! That’s right! in fact, i got ahold of the DMV in California and spoke to someone there who actually revealed this information to me. in fact, they were actually upset to find this out because Power Ride Outlet never notified them of this. How do i know for certain that they are no longer at this location? Because i sent them a certified letter to have them come and get the scooters since they wouldn’t give me the titl’es, and the certified letter came back to me saying unable to deliver. How do i know they sold me scooters without a dealers license? Because i did some legal snooping on the internet and found them. They also go under another company called Enterprise. All this information i found is public information. Now, here’s some really interesting information. I called another number for Power Ride Outlet instead of the 800-918-8369, because all you get with this number is out of order. The other number i called was the 866-999-8412. I surprisingly connected with a girl i think was named tammy, but don’t quote me on that. And when she answered i had to ask her if this was Power Ride Outlet, because when she answered she did say anything about Power Ride Outlet, which was kinda of strange to me. anyway, she said that this was the company, Power Ride Outlet and what could she help me with. So of course I was really happy to tell her all about my Horrible experience trying to get my title’s. Immediately i was informed that the company she works for “Power Ride Outlet” bought the website from them just in december of 2019 and that they just got things going January 2017. I called in February, 2019 when we had this conversation. She also informed me that they were not responsible in getting me my title’s because they didn’t sale me the scooters. Although she acted as if she was willing to help, all i got is the run around for about a month so i just gave up. I will say this, this company is a true scam artist if i’ve ever met any. But the sad thing is, company’s like this get away with this kind of stuff all the time because none of our “legal worker’s in this country don’t care”! If they did, they would shut these people down. What would i say to people experiencing what i’ve experienced with this company? Don’t bother trying to get the Better Business Bureau involved because they don’t care because they don’t do anything to get these company’s shut down. Oh, they’ll say they look into it with their ” Investigation Department” but after they investigate, all they say is they’ll but them in their little naughty naughty don’t do that book and let them keep on getting away with taking people’s money over and over. What do i say to the people in legal offices who continue to do NOTHING to these theives? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!

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