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Powecall Sirens llc

Powecall Sirens llc David Fierstien whoop sound powercall sound DX5200 6 Adam DX 5 GE Power call Warble tone I was scammed by David Fierstien at powercall sirens LLC ! Very poor quality junk. Don’t believe a word this guy tells you! Leesburg Nationwide!!. I ordered a powercall siren and speaker on February 14th 2019 from David Fierstien. I have never received my siren. According to David they were being shipped separately. Probably because siren is Chinese junk. What complicated things was my friend dropped off a powercall siren on my front door step still in original packaging taped and all, before he went on a hunting trip. This was not from David. My friend bought one off Craigslist awhile back and warned me about poor sound quality and overall craftsmanship of siren. My friend and I consider ourselves siren buffs. We do quite a bit of custom work on wreckers. So when I finally figured out I never received siren from David at powercall sirens, I called him and told him. He said he would check with his supposed shipping and receiving dept. What a joke! There are 3 whole “employees” there . David never even called me back. I had to blow up his phone 2 days in a row to get an answer. Then he tells me siren was in same box as speaker. David is a Habitual liar! He claims they each weigh 5 pounds apiece. Speaker is heavy. Siren is like Styrofoam. So how is that possible? Now this Scoundrel won’t give me new siren or credit back on my debit card. I have to get my bank and UPS involved now which could take up to 120 days. This David Fierstien is a real piece of garbage! He is the biggest Manure salesman I have ever dealt with in my life. Claims he sells thousands of sirens and speakers, but i just found out from his local authorities he operates out of his house. What a scam artist! My recommendation is to avoid dealing with this Pirate at all costs. I have since reached out to several emergency warning and lighting institutions and they all have nothing good to say about Powercall. The buttons, switches, and back lighting on his equipment doesn’t even hold up to a $30.00 old-school CB radio. Furthermore the horn on your car is louder than his weak low powered sirens Before you consider buying from powercall sirens LLC please do your research first. Any questions feel free to call Ted at (((REDACTED))) thanks for reading

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