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Post University Scamming my Financial aid Waterbury CT!!. I’m not stopping. I will continue to do my classes and do my work. But, I won’t stop until I’m paid what is rightfully owed to me regardless whether it’s speaking out pubicly, court, or just making youtube videos or speaking out in anyway possible until I’m heard and I’m treated fairly. Right now, I’m in the process of getting documents together to take it to court. I’m a father to three amazing step sons and got a wonderful girlfriend. I decided to go back to college and I wanted to major in Criminal Business. I was told by Post University that they were excited for me to join their college. We talked about my experience when I had went to an actual campus and I know my way around how to do the whole college experience and how Financial aid works. They assured me that my mods wouldn’t be very expensive because for one I was gonna be doing everything online and not going to an actual campus. And that my mods would not be more than $400 dollars and of course it would be cheaper since I would be doing all my courses online. Plus, I wouldn’t need books and everything since I would be using E-books. So, it sounded really good. Everything got set up and during the beginning it was good. They always returned my phone calls and always called me to check up on how things were. A week after classes started it is when it started to change. I would try to figure out what was going on with my financial aid. I would call the school who would tell me I needed to get a hold of this person and when I would do this person would say that I was given wrongful information and to get a hold of this person. I had five different suppose Financial aid people and not a single one could tell me anything about my financial aid. They never told me how much i was getting back. What was being took out. How much I would be getting or anything. I started to get a little concerned since they are suppose to give you this information WAY before school starts. So, I wait a little bit and contact them again. I finally get a hold of someone by the name of Matt on May 8th. He tells me that my financial aid is being processed and once its finished it will be sent over to me. I thank him and that is the end of that. Another week goes by and I try to contact someone. Nobody picks up. Nobody answers my emails. I get frustrated and finally am able to get a hold of Jamal my student adviser. I tell him that the suppose name he give me of my suppose school financial aid adviser has not returned my calls and has ignored my emails. He puts me on hold after a bit and tells me he will try getting a hold of him. Then minutes later he appears back on the phone and what do you know? He got a hold of my suppose financial aid adviser who has been ignoring me. He gets on the phone. I tell him the situation that I just wanted to be clued in because this wasn’t my first rodeo in the whole college experience and I was suppose to be sent an email or told personally about my financial aid and here it was going on almost three weeks and I was not told anything. He tells me that I was approved for over 12,895 dollars but I was only looking at around $300 dollars after the college takes out. I get angry. I ask to speak to a den because that does not sound right at all. So, she gets on the phone and I explain things to her and she changes her story and price amounts twice on just the phone alone with me. She tries to say that I will only get $460 dollars only three times but within a eight week period. This is out of $12,895 dollars of my grants and student loans. I knew it didn’t sound right at all and ask her how that was possible and how is it so high when I was told completelty different in the beginning. She had enough nerve to call me a liar and say I just must have heard wrong. No, I heard, correctly. She first said my mods were around $700 something then jumped to over a thousand something a piece. I was furious as to online college experience was told to me was suppose to be cheaper than my campus experience. I knew something was off and when I kept asking where the entire $11, 515 was going? She kept seeming not to give me an direct answer just kept acting over the phone as though she was going over something. Something just made me question the entire thing. After the phone call, I am not able to REACH anybody on the telephone. My financial aid adviser only responded to me once and that was only due to me mentioning a lawyer after being ignored for days straight. They have not returned my calls. Addressed my issues or concerns. They continuously ignore me all around. I was told by an actual financial aid rep that I am not the only one who has went through this with this college. Many other students have gone through similar experiences and most of them have had the same problem with their financial aid. I do not think its right that they continiously keep getting away with stealing peoples finicial aid money and until I’m heard then I will not give up and won’t stop.

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