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19 September 2019

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Platinum Home Mortgage – Coeur D’Alene isn’t the loan lender you should contact for the negative feedback I experienced from this company.
I contacted the loan lender for advice on the loans and investments at the company. Researching what I need to do for myself is my way of getting a new start. The staff members weren’t keen on assisting me through the process of the loan.
I wasn’t calm through the process and I felt uptight of the paperwork. They provided me with the least information and expected me to silent and go on back home. I wasn’t silent and needed to know everything about the company and of loans.
Filling of forms and going back to prepare for the deadline and agreement on loans went quick and I found myself to relax. I called a week after the process of filling forms and got no answer from the company.
No emails and hone from Platinum Home Mortgage – Coeur D’Alene got me thinking of what went wrong with paperwork.
Communication skills and customer’s service isn’t a priority at this company.
I expected different but got the worst from the team.
I haven’t experienced anything like this from other companies.
No friendly team to work with and no help when I needed it.
I tried to communicate online, and no one contacted me since my last visit to the office. No professionalism from Platinum Home Mortgage – Coeur D’Alene. I didn’t see it and experience it from this company.
My choice of company is not trustworthy and not pleasant to work with and I made a mistake to contact the company for assistance.
They didn’t give me an opportunity for a new home or an investment. A shady company and I don’t advise you to contact Platinum Home Mortgage – Coeur D’Alene to have an awful experience as I have with the company.
My loss is their gain and that is why I won’t recommend Platinum Home Mortgage – Coeur D’Alene to other clients. The company isn’t legit and don’t have qualified teams to assist in loans and investments.
No handling of agreements of loans with strict confidentiality. No good communication skills to clients and a lack of knowledge of loan agreements and investment agreements.
I don’t appreciate the rude and unpleasant manner they treated me when I asked back for my investment.
Excellent customer’s service comes from professionals and I don’t see that at this company.
I had disappointment and negative experiences with the company and don’t want others to feel as I have with Platinum Home Mortgage – Coeur D’Alene. My money is lost, and the company wouldn’t call me back to fix the problem.
It is their fault to fill incorrect information on these forms. I felt dissatisfied with the poor management and staff members who assisted me in loans and investments agreements.
Don’t get caught up with their lies to invest your last cent in the company.

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