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PINCHme Group

If you dont accept requests for free products or ship them to othre countriesthen stop sending emails and advertising in other countries. However Since your company is so arrogant about this snd sends emails to snd advertises in CANADA I will be filing a Complaint with the CRTC IN CANADA ON TUESDAY OCTOBER 29 2019 UNLESS THIS DECISION IS REVERSED. NOTE THAT IF THE CRTC DECIDES YOU HAVE BROKEN ANY CANADIAN LAWS BY ADVERTISING /SENDING EMAILS TO CANADIANS they could issue a fine of up to $1, 000, 000.00. Furthermore my attorneys are checking our laws to see if we can file a class action law suite for deception and false advertising which would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.? I await your decision/answer. Canadians are sick and tired of Americans advertising and sending emails to us and then renaging on the offer becuase were in Canada. If you are to stupid to know were your advertising or sending emails to then get out of the bussiness. We are totaly fine using YOU AS OUR TEST CASE AND THEN GO AFTER EVERY OTHER AMERICAN WEBSITE THAT DOES THIS!!! Have a nice day. Respectfully Tom A. Kanabe RCN (Retired)

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  1. Tressie Patnaude May 25, 2020

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