Philadelphia Parking Authority

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Philadelphia Parking Authority Review

Philadelphia Parking Authority

On July 17, 2018 at approx 2140h. I received a parking ticket after the parking enforcement told me to get out of the car and pay for it. As I paid he gave me the ticket. That”s not my complaint. My complaint is that I was trying to figure why he did this to me he said it was because I broke the law even if I was doing what you told me. I told him that his behaviour was an [censored] thing to do to a person as he was about 6 steps from me. He turned around walked very quickly to me and his chest hit my chest and yelled in my gave and repeated 3 times what the [censored] are you going to do about it. Then he said if you hit me you will go to jail. And I”m not afraid of you. I told him you walked over to me as the aggressor yelling and making threats. When he was yelling his spit was hitting me on The face. After I pointed out to him he was the agresor he back up and kept yelling. He placed me in a position because he came at me in a threating way and yelling I might have to defend myself. He was extremely unprofessional when their was no need to be. I did not expect to be assaulted over words or threaten. Why he said you don”t scare me it”s beyond me. I know it”s my word against his I do have people that were with me. I feel that his behaviour is dangerous to me and the public and this needs to be dealt with. To keep the community safe or if he does this as his normal response. Please contact me if you want. [protected]

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