Peter C. Turco, LCSW-PLLC

A tyrant despite having a degree and certification.

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09 September 2019

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I had the worst experience with Peter C Turco. After I went into depression due to the death of my long-time girlfriend, this guy was supposed to help me get back up. He FAILED in doing so. Love is a precious thing. I had lost it and this guy made things worse for me.
I had been in love with my middle school girlfriend and for each other, we were ‘it’. A love of ten years, which had its ups and downs, but which never managed to die, suddenly ceased to exist because of a car accident. It should have been me or neither of us but God had other plans.
I was left alone with a non-ending longing for my deceased girlfriend and with guilt; A guilt that had I not taken out the car that day and persuaded her to come, maybe she would still have been alive and here with me. I delved deep into remorse and depression and I was inconsolable. I refused to eat, drink, go out or even talk with anyone. I just could not get over the fact that the love of my life was not with me anymore. My parents could not see me in such a condition and so they decided to send me to therapy. Both of my parents looked up online and scheduled an appointment with Peter C Turco, who was a reputed therapist with proper certification. I did not want to go but after being forced, I had no choice but to go.
The first session was pretty simple – Me waiting in the lobby for most of the time and having a small talk with the ‘certified’ therapist who was mostly suggesting me to get a prostitute. When I returned to my house, all I could think about apart from the sad thoughts was how a therapist could be so unprofessional.
The next session was even worse. After telling him about all the things I felt, I could not contain my tears because all that talk reminded me of her and I started sobbing. The therapist simply told me to ‘suck it up’. Can you imagine being there, heart-broken with swelled eyes and being advised to suck it up? Don’t. I had to control myself and after the session ended, I had almost realized what a waste of time and energy it was going to that tyrannical therapist but it took me one final session to realize that.
During the third session, I told him how much I missed her and the reply made my blood boil. He said and I quote – “What is the point of crying over a dead girl? She probably deserved it.”. At that moment, I wanted to rip out his throat but I did not. I simply stormed out of there because I was afraid that I probably would have hurt him badly.
I would strongly advise against going to Peter C Turco.

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