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Bullshit Clinic! They don't care about patients

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date published
12 September 2019

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Johanna Roxanne

I had the most painful experience with Periodontal Associates. After that, I’m pretty sure that this place is not worth anyone’s time or money. I chose Periodontal Associates because it had good ratings online and but later on I realized that they have hired some kind of a marketing agency to handle their ratings. They provide some sort of review management services to control what to show or what to not. Their websites stated that they provide a free consultation to their patients on their website so you don’t have to pay anything but since my visit, there is nothing like that and it’s all a lie. All the claims made by Periodontal Associates have unable to satisfy me and they have disappointed me in terms of their services, professionalism, and their company policy. The only thing which they care is about making money which they did with me regardless of ensuring the health and care of customers. I booked an appointment for a free consultation to get the price for an implant from the doctor. The clerk who scheduled my appointment told me that they will need an X-ray from his regular dentist to get a closer look. On the day of my appointment, the doctor told me that he will not be able to tell anything from my film so instead, he asked me to get a full X-ray or else couldn’t do the consultation. As I was looking for a much better option Periodontal Associated was not the only one I consulted from, there were other clinics as well which I consulted and they had no problem with my X-ray films but since Periodontal Associates asked me to get it done for them, I paid $125 from my pocket and got my X-ray done. Around 2 weeks later I got a bill from them for the X-ray and the examination fees which the doctor did, besides the $125 X-ray fees he also added $110 on top of it in terms of examination fees which the doctor did. Nobody told me before at any point during my visit nor do they mention it online that they will be going to charge for that since they offered me a free consultation. If they had told me, I would have walked straight away from their office. At my second visit though I asked the doctor to include the cost for the removal of my wisdom teeth he didn’t care and did not give me a clear statement about the price of it. These type of don’t care what their patients want and do whatever they want. Periodontal Associates have unprofessional doctors who don’t know how to treat their patients and give respect to them, they have unable to address their patients concerns as they lack in knowledge. I would not like to visit Periodontal Associates nor will going to recommend it to anyone. I know every person who visits this place is doing it out of ignorance or compulsion.

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