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Pegasus Airlines Review

Pegasus Airlines

I was leaving home from Spain, as a transit passenger to Turkey and my final final destination was to Beirut. I am a university professor and I was there in a conference for a couple of days. It was on May 27th, 2018, and the incident took place exactly at 11:00 Barcelona airport/ terminal 2. The receptionist misbehaved and did not treat me and my colleague addition, he threatened us of becoming stricter if we argue with him. he wanted to take 50 euros for no excuse or else we shall not have our bags on the airplane. I asked him for a seat by the window, and we were the 1st served passengers; he agreed but later we discovered that he put us at the end of the airplane and in the middle. There was a guy named Jose who was quite helpful but the other guy rejected to give me his name. The flights were awful and I will not travel again by this company. Better pay more than being discredited by your employees. The solution is to receive a letter of regret from this unprofessional employee. Regards,


  1. Roberto Hookfin May 25, 2020
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