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Pearson Vue / Pearson Education

I want to submit a complaint in regards to Case [protected] My PMI id is 5773795? My registration ID is [protected] I schedule my PMP exams in May and i received confirmation that i will take the exam on July 13th at the AEA business school in Port Louis Mauritius. On July 8th I get an automated email from Pearson Vue that i need to cancel or reschedule the exam because the test center is not available. I tried to reschedule it but i could not find any other test center. I even called the Customer Support and i talk to a guy who was not able to help me ans he hung up on my face. I got another email saying that my case has been forwared to the Pearson Vue headquarters and i need to wait. Today i get an email again saying that my exams has been cancelled. I sent a email again to Pearson Vue asking for a refund, i get a reply from Shweta G saying that as per the records they have contacted me several times and i was not available. The customer support at Pearson Vue is not professional at all. I want a full refund of my exam fees as it is not my fault if the test center is not available. I am preparing hard of my exams and i get this [censored] to deal with now. I hope i am not complaining for nothing. Please show me some professionalism and kindly get back to me on that.


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