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Illiterate mechanics and wasteful sale

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24 September 2019

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I had bought a car at Patriot Autos and the service wasn’t successful. An improper check of the oil change caused issues with spills of oil over the engine. The mechanic didn’t check for water and the washing liquid in containers. I didn’t think they would sell me a bad service on my car. Others brag of this company and I received the worst experience from a car purchase. Car engine didn’t sound good and I faced faults upon faults at Patriot Autos who had sold me my car and had serviced it.
I had many excuses from the company staff for the faults on my car and I didn’t believe a word they said.
I had to get on to this problem and called up the manager to sort the issue with the team. Unfortunately, he didn’t get back to me to query the problem and to solve it with staff members. I visited the office in the hope to find answers to my car problems. They weren’t interested in my problems and shunned me off at the office.
I didn’t feel pleased with staff members and of the bad attitude they gave me at the office. It is terrible to have gone through a hard time with difficult people.
There’s no understanding in the company staff of what went wrong with my car at Patriot Autos.
I see no professionalism here and realized my car problem isn’t solvable with the poor knowledge of car mechanics. There’re no qualifications on team workmanship and I didn’t experience a good customer’s service while working with the team. This adds to the negative issues I discovered at the company.
Every person I chatted to at the company had no idea of the problem with my car. It’s frustrating and an inconvenience for me to continue business at Patriot Autos. My car needed a proper service and I expected better results from a new car, but I got faults, and nobody knows what the problem is with my car.
I discontinued my business with Patriot Autos. The team at this company are unpleasant toward customers, unprofessional, and have no communication skills to share information and to make a customer’s deal feel easier and convenient. High charges of the car purchase and it didn’t pay off the deal. I felt disappointed with the terrible services from Patriot Autos.
I didn’t know what to expect from the services of the company but expected a new car with no faults. The staff doesn’t care for customer’s service and I felt dissatisfied with all the services of the company.
I received negative views of Patriot Autos and have the car but have no intentions of a recommendation for Patriot Autos. A car deal isn’t worth all the troubles I have gone through and won’t recommend this company to my friends, family, and other individuals. The whole time I spent with the team I didn’t feel happy with the purchase of my car. It isn’t fair to me and I regret going there for a car.

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