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Scammed us and took half of the payment

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05 November 2019

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During my interior designing, one of my worst experiences was with Pasadena Architectural Salvage. I’d been appointed for creating a vintage look for the decoration of Five Star hotel rooms. I needed vintage hardware and glass and thus, this was the only place that came to my mind. The place had various mantles, lighting, bathroom fixtures, lock hardware, etc designed in traditional ways.
I had to buy window panes, doors and other types of equipment in bulk. So the shopkeeper and I had a discussion and I handed him the list of the materials required along with the budget. As per the agreement, he would keep the goods ready and I would purchase it after a few days. Since there were a lot of items, I paid him half of the budget as an advance upon his request, on good faith and trust. After a couple of days, I went with my workers for the purchase and felt ridiculed at the casualty of the shopkeeper. All the commodities were ready in good condition, however, he had not maintained the price limit i.e the budget. He very casually asked us to purchase the items which was much more than the fixed budget mentioned on the list. I could not afford to increase the cost on my own as there were strict orders from my hotel employer. Upon asking the shopkeeper he was adamant that he would not arrange another set of items of a lower cost and if we did not purchase at all, he will not return the advance payment. This kind of disrespect towards customers is not tolerable. The salvage manager was so rude and fraudulent in nature that by no means was he agreeing to repay the advance.
When my employer knew that we had lost half of the big amount, he was furious at me. I felt humiliated in front of my designing team and workers. The Pasadena Architectural salvage has committed a grave offense by taking payments and not doing the work up to a certain quality. It’s a means to cheat customers and keep their money without providing for specified goods.
There is still much more to the story. When the hotel manager visited to ask for returning the advance, the men of the shop outright denied his request. They told him that there was no payment at all. Since there was nothing in writing or any proof, they were bold enough to refuse openly. Ultimately, the money could not be recovered. I was also thrown out of the job as I was ignorant enough to pay the advance easily.
I request every single customer to never visit this God forsaken place for any of their household or hardware needs. I believe the shopowners and staff are immoral. They work to deceive people and the majority of the shop earnings are only on stolen cash. To all the readers, the worst decision is to choose this place out of the others.

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