Orthodontics on the Plateau

Makes you wait in a queue even with an appointment

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18 September 2019

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I noticed a lack of patient care at Orthodontics on the Plateau. They don’t accommodate for patient treatment.
I didn’t get the best experience from this practice. It is a shame to have gone there and won’t go there again.
My care wasn’t considered by the dental team.
I didn’t experience flexibility at the practice.
No caring for patients and it’s an inconvenience for staff to attend to patients.
The treatment plan is expensive and insurance companies don’t cover many dental procedures and it’s way overpriced.
A facility with no updated equipment for dental patients is unacceptable!
I didn’t feel the need to stand in a queue, I had an appointment, but no staff member bothered to get me in on time.
Staff members don’t come into work on time as I have observed while in the waiting room.
People aren’t knowledgeable of customer’s service and of patient care at the practice.
No patient care at Orthodontics on the Plateau. I didn’t have the opportunity to have my tooth extracted from the long wait for my turn. I wouldn’t recommend this practice for its poor management and lack of customer care. I waited for two hours without having the doctor attend to me. I decided to visit another practice for treatment.
The unclean facilities and the unfriendly personnel didn’t make my long wait a pleasant one. They avoided my questions and carried on with other patients, while I stood there and hoped for someone to help me postpone my appointment. It is up to no good to have an appointment and to still wait in a queue.
I walked in the waiting room and knew my day will be a long one though I had an appointment for that day.
It should be a place for professionals and I don’t see that at Orthodontics on the Plateau.
Dental treatment and procedures are performed with no care and no patience. It is difficult to have an assistant help if needed in the dental room. People talking and ignore dental patients this I noticed from the dental team.
I did not think it’s fair to me to stand in queue and to have waited that long for treatment is unpleasant.
The dental staff doesn’t have the time to care for patients.
Understaffed and everything felt chaotic. No clean facilities, no communication to patients and staff aren’t friendly.
The dental room isn’t spacious for patients.
No response from the personnel when I felt tired of waiting and went off home.
I don’t advise anyone to have an appointment at Orthodontics on the Plateau. it isn’t worth going through the long wait and to experience disappointment from staff’s behaviors.
You wouldn’t have dental treatment when you wait in queues and observe the unpleasant behaviors of the dental team at the practice.
There is no interest to make dental treatments feel painless or comfortable for patients.
Low-quality materials for dental care and no patient care is what you will get from Orthodontics on the Plateau. It is a big downer from this practice.

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