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Ordered prescription Aviators from Optics Planet (www.opticsplanet.com) on 8/12/2012 to make sure I had them before a vacation in Sept, order opticsplanet-2093511. Order received on 8/30/2012, it was all bent and broken, completely unusable. I re-ordered a new pair, different model, but same prescription. On August 31st, got an email from a Callie K., saying she was putting a hold on the order because I had put a note about needing it very soon, before I leave on vacation and if they could not deliver it then cancel the order. I told her my comments were correct, and that it was because of damage to the original order; she said that she did not know about the original order, but that due to the damage, she would get me the new pair before I left for vacation. I confirmed to her that the model number on the glasses was changing and was she sure I would get the correct one. On 10/11/2012 I received a shipment, and of course, they were the wrong model, the day before my vacation. I then reached out to Optics Planet (www.opticsplanet.com) again, and received a message from a Heather Harwell, a so called eyewear expert. As if the experience wasn”t bad enough, this person is absolutely terrible. She proceeded to tell me that they would work on another pair for me, and said it was their mix up. I told her, no thanks, I am leaving on vacation the next day. She then sent an email saying that had I read the prescription eyewear policy; obviosuly intimating I was on the hook for the price. Sorry, but when you send me broken galsses, then the wrong glasses on top of that when I could have gone local and got my glasses in time for vacation you are not getting a dime from me. She then wrote to ship them back to them; sorry, that”s their problem, send me a label. Received another email from her saying that I would be receiving an email with a label and they would credit me back when they recieved it. I then sent an email asking what is the possiblity they could really rush these, and ship them to me where I am going on vacation. This is again where Heather Harwell struck again; she said, if I would have listened to her in the first place they could have done it but she already spent time talking to the lab to get them to take the glasses back; tip for Optics Planet, people don”t care how you are setup, if you are the labl or not, your job is to make it right. She said if I wanted the glasses I would have to go on and order again; I guess I should not have given them a third opportunity to do their job right. Horrible company, poor service, don”t do business with them. I have provided links to the entire communication.

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