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Seem Like the more SPG CONSULTANTS moves forward, we are uncovering a dirty little secret that no one wants to stand up and fight against. Telemarketing Fraudit seems that every state we go to and every other business has had one of those callsHello… We would like to verify your companies Listing OnlineAre you still At %%%%%%_ now this is where the telemarketing companies get tricky they ask you a series of question knowing full well you going to say yes to like the address city and zip … as soon as you reply to any of their questions you’ve been trappedthe conversation is the taken to the verification department, the verification will then call you back and see if they can legitimately get you to to commit to a listing but try to remind you of the first conversation you have with the previous sales agent where you were told it was for a 4 or even 5 year listing online for 500.00$. sounds great 500$ for a 4 year listing online ..but don’t be fooled even though you were reminded the verification department will only say for your ONE YEAR listing online will be invoiced to your attention if you agree you’ve been SCAMMED .. in about 35 day you’ll receive a invoice for the 500.00$ and it will be already past due and a will following the invoice here comes the calls from the collection department.Now here is where the Company get Slick… if they get through the full script of the verification and you turned them down and said NO..Well that’s too bad. Why? you ask. Cause they have the recording of you saying yes to all the other questions from the earlier call and all they have to do is now put your voice saying yes over the part where you said no.Now I won’t go into detail about how much money my client have lost and I won’t go on on about why its taking the government over 20 year to stop this type of fraudall i can say is Yes There is help out there and yes someone does care about you and your business.Want to know how big this problem is these are companies that is sending out invoice to people just like you and I who run businesses for our future and our familiesHave you been contacted by any of the following companies regarding your online listing or an outstanding invoice? Ameralink Corp411 Listings.comABI Publications ( IncAbyte Ofinfo.comAccess America Communications IncAD COM UniversalAll Purpose Business Communications IncAmerica Direct MktgAmerica Marketing SolutionsAmerican Business Exchange INCAmerican Digital NetworkAmerican Direct MarketingAmerican Online Business SolutionsAOBAOPAvian PublishingAYB Services IncB2B I-PagesBlue Yellow BookBusiness AdvertisingConsolidated Office SuppliesCorporate Business PublicationsCorporate Info SystemCorTech CoverageData directData Source SolutionsDatalinkDataSourceDataSource 411Direct Media SourceDreamZ TechEBeeeBee Directory.comExecutive Business Listing ( Marketing AssociatesEyellow Pages USAFirst PublicationsGBI-B2B INCGemniGoam MediaInfo Data LinkInfo Data PagesInfo US 411infodata pages ( PublicationsInternational Office Supplies INCInternet Yellow PagesJ White Publications Inc ( MediaKilobyteLocal Yellow Pages DirectLookup ListingsMartel International INCMedia Link 411Midwest Advertising and Publishing INCNational Business DatatechNational Business Index Online INCNational Business NetworkNational Internet PublicationsNational Online ListingsNational Online PagesNational Online PublicationsNational Yellow Pages USANationwide B2BNationwide Business DirectoryNationwide Marketing BureauNBGNBI NetworkNBI Online INCNe Network Enterprises Inc ( )Norman Business GroupNorth American Directory AssistanceOfficial Yellow PagesOIS PagesOnline DatasourceOnline Listing PublicationsOnline Marketing Solutions IncOnline Yellow PagesPhone PagesPremier Online DirectoryProdata Marketing IncQuest Media SolutionsRegional Yellow Book USARegional Yellow Pages Online (RYPO)Saturn ExchangeSigma Direct INCSolarCom USAStrategy Core SystemsThe Internet Business PagesTrust BloomUnited Business listings ( Business Solutions INC (UBS)Universal MediaUS Marketing ToolsUSBR OnlineWeb Data PublishingWeb MediaWestmore PublishingWSM (Web Site marketing)Yellow Book USA RegionalYellow Pages ConnectYellow Pages INCYellow Pages USATHAT’S RIGHT THE LIST IS THIS LONGMass Marketing Fraud is defined as fraud committed via mass communication media using the telephone, mail, and the Internet. Provisions under the criminal regime of the Competition Act prohibit all materially false or misleading representations made is an internet advertising portal that alleges to increase the clients internet exposure to searchers looking for the product or service that you provide in a given geographic area. The business practices of are questionable at best and are possibly criminal. Their actual exposure is limited.Their advertising graphics are amateur. Their results are insignificant to non-existent. All in all, this is a boiler-room operation that uses high-pressure sales tactics promising unrealistic returns, tying clients to heavy-handed contracts followed by harassing phone calls and collection procedures.The fact that the local, state, and federal regulators have allowed this type of immoral operation to continue, should not deter the scammed business owner from fighting these criminals.knowingly or recklessly, deceptive telemarketing and deceptive prize notices.You can find out more information on our website: www.spgconsultants.webs.comBy informing each other, we protect each other.Sincerely,

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