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I got a 30% off coupon on an entire purchase at old navy. So i went to old navy and got two pairs of leggings. The price was $16 for 2. But when i went to the cashier it rang up as 9.50 each, which was the regular price for 1. So i asked her why it rang up as the price and the sign said it was 16 for 2. She said let me fix the price. So i was walking out of the store looking at the receipt when i noticed they were 50 cents off and the 3% 9.50 so they were 9.00 plus 30% off. I then went back and asked the cashier and they said they could not accept two promotions but then i told her that 2 mintues ago she said she rang it in. She told me she never said that. So basicly i paid 2 dollars more then i should. I dont really care about the 2 dollars but the problem was she lied to me after i told her what happened. I saw there were alot more people in line so i just gave up. If she said the coupon doesnt work with the coupon i wouldnt of cared but she promised me she rang in the 16 for 2 then the additonal 30%, but then just gave me 30% off and a random 50 cents off

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