Off The Wall Coconut Creek

Unsafe for children due to poor management

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19 September 2019

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ds to Off the wall Coconut Creek. This is the spot where children and teenagers have preferable habits over adults. The adults are too languid to even consider reading the signs and acknowledge they have to fill out a waiver before they can allow their children to play, were getting bumped to the front of the line after they were coordinated to leave the line use a PC against the wall and complete their waiver they were supposed to. The facility is rewarding ineptitude and obliviousness. Those of us who came prepared and got their work done or finished the waiver early not just held up behind these individuals initially, yet now a second time as they are bumped to the front of the line after completing their waiver.
When you have 5 to 10 individuals in front of you that did not do their waiver and after that are holding on to get bumped back before you, this gets ridiculous! After paying and getting my child a bracelet, he started playing and I choose to go get him a beverage. As I got in line, a lady before me cuts in line to join her companion and asked her to get the food, even after she had already placed her order. As I got up to the counter I complained to the representative but she failed to acknowledge my point and did not even apologize on her behalf. The game area was too messy and disorganized. Safety was a desperate need here, and it should have been one child for every square so they don’t bounce with another. We had to sit tight in line which wasted quite a lot of time, for example, dodge ball or shooting baskets.
It was a hell of a task to get our own Square and proceed. The basketball area too was a mess; while there should have been four squares for four people. But rather than remaining at the desired basket and shooting we had other individuals cutting over from other baskets to use our goal as well. All the time they winded up bouncing in the square with us and did it at the same time which is risky. Youngsters get overwhelmed; they land on each other, and injuries occur. I even stood up for myself got up and asked the worker, John who was viewing the basketball area and said isn’t there just expected to be one child for each square? He looked at me and snickered like I was communicating in an unknown dialect. The washrooms there were dirty! By pressing individuals into the fire code limit and nobody cleaning or purging rubbish it ends up DISGUSTING! The quality of fun and security there was a distant memory! I would not put my kid or his companions in danger disparaging a poor inadequate dump, such as this.

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